• Are you a busy parent or professional who does not have time for constant visits to weight loss centers?

  • Do you want support during your  weight loss journey from friends/family?

  • Do you want to lose weight in the privacy and comfort of your own home? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Sweet Success Weight Loss Solutions is for you!  We are a concierge mobile weight loss clinic, that caters to groups or individuals that want to lose weight.  We come to you.  We are servicing parts of Prince Georges and Charles Counties. You can host your very own weight loss party! We offer hCG, phentermine, lipotropic fat burning injections and vitamin injections to support your energy. Our program is designed to support you to get  the weight off and keep it off. Especially in those stubborn areas like the abdomen and thighs.  Although you may be in a group setting, unique individual consultation is provided.

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  • 12 week hCG weight loss plan 

group or individual 

  • 6 week non-hCG  weight loss plan 

group or individual 

  • Monthly maintenance program

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Once you've booked and completed your consultation, you chose your program,

 In just 12 weeks with our hCG program you will lose up to 30 pounds,  You'll get:

  • Nutrition/exercise counseling, blood pressure check
  • Daily hCG  
  •  Bi-weekly fat burner and b complex injections

  • Bi-Weekly weigh-ins  until program completion

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We also have a non- hCG plan for 6 weeks.  You'll get:

  • Nutrition and exercise counseling , blood pressure check
  • Weight loss medication
  • Bi- weekly fat burner and b  complex injections 


 Both programs include metabolic rate  analysis with up to date technology  to give you accurate recommendations to achieve and maintain your new weight.

There are also maintenance options to keep you on track throughout  the year once you have completed your program.

Click below to  schedule an appointment or consult  with us  today,  and see what we can do for you! Also follow us on social media.

*Individuals will have to travel or pay travel fee, Will travel for groups of 3 or more.  

*If plan followed as directed by physician.


Lipotropic (fat burner injections)

Fat burner injections provide a boost to achieve your weight loss goal by breaking down fat during metabolism


B- complex injection

This  injection will assist the body in increasing metabolism and energy levels needed during your diet.

What is hCG and how does it work?

hCG is a hormone that helps turn off hunger signals to the brain and when used in conjunction with a low calorie diet will allow your body to burn your unwanted fat as fuel.

How much weight can I lose? Can I do the program more than once if I have more weight lose?

This can vary depending upon the individual. *If followed as directed you can lose up to 30 pounds in 40 days with the hCG program*


Weight loss will vary with the non-hCG program.

You can do the program more than once if you have more weight to lose.



So YOU can

  • Finally get rid of unwanted body fat

  • Take control of your appetite and emotional eating

  • Get group support with friends/family during the program

  • Have privacy and convenience from home


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